Shipment Declaration

If your country customs make things complicated for you, we can help you.

During checkout process you can instruct us to how to declare your order details on shipment documents.

-You can tell us how much to declare your order shipment value in USD.

-You can tell us what we should declare for contents of package. You have 2 options "Electronics Parts" or "Electronic Repair Spare Parts".

-You can tell us to declare package as "Commercial Samples" or "Gift"

For example you can put a message in to "Order Comments" box like this,

"Please declare my order shipment for $30 , "Electronic Parts" and "Gift" ". And our shipping department will follow your instructions.

You should be putting this message in to "Order Comments" box in last page of checkout.

 Order Comment Box

While we are offering this help to our buyers, we can't guarantee if this help will solve all the problems with customs in your country.

Thank you for choosing us.

Tayda Electronics