Electronics Project Kits and Revenue Sharing

Make money doing what you love!

You can author electronics project instructions on TaydaKits.com. 

We’ll promote your project instructions to 100,000 hobbyists on  TaydaKits.com.

 Click to Add Your Project Instructions 

When we receive your instructions we will test them to see if they work and are safe.  If we can make your project instructions into a Tayda Kit, we will share $10-15% of our sales with you.

When people buy your kit.  Tayda will share 10% of your kit's sales with you in cash.  If you prefer store credit, you can make 15% on each of your kits sold.


How Does it Work?

You send us a parts list and instructions.

We make your project into a kit that looks great and is easy to buy.

It’s almost like having your own web store without any of the hassles.


The steps are easy (compared to any other business)

  1. Build something remarkable with electronics.
  2. Record how you did it.
  3. Make a quick video of the finished product.
  4. Click to Add Your Project Instructions to TaydaKits.com
  5. Include your phone number if you want us to call with any questions.


Why Project Kits?

We’re serious about project kits and their potential for:

  • Getting people involved in electronics
  • Keeping customers enthused with their Tayda relationships.
  • Making us both some residual income.


We will promote your project kit with emails to thousands of daily visitors, our popular Facebook community, and with banner ads on Tayda and other electronics sites.

We may also promote your kits through auctions on eBay. (unless you ask us not to)


Project Kit Success Guidelines.

All posted instructions are built per your instructions and reviewed before they become a Tayda Kit.

The finished product should:

  • Be fun to build.
  • Be remarkable enough to share.
  • NOT Be dangerous to build or operate.
  • NOT Infringe on patents or copyrights.
  • NOT Be intended for illegal or harmful purposes.
  • NOT Create a tech support burden.


Kits do not have to be original.  Tayda will not protect your intellectual property or innovations.  On the contrary, we want to share.

Tayda will consider adding parts to our catalog if we do not carry essential parts of your kit.  Parts that Tayda cannot carry will be clearly marked as customer supplied components.

 Click to Add Your Project Instructions


Promoting Your Kit

We’ll promote your project to 100,000 hobbyists on  TaydaKits.com.  We will send emails, use banners and also our Facebook page to get people interested in your kit.

You can boost sales by promoting the kit yourself by:

  • Adding links to the kit from your own web pages.
  • Post a video of the finished product to YouTube
  • Link to the kit from your Facebook or other social networks.
  • Post the instructions to other project instructions web sites.
  • Share with web forums, at school, wherever.


Fine Print:

Tayda reserves the right to:

  • Change kits (descriptions parts and instructions) as necessary to make them marketable on the site.  Changes will be noted.
  • Stop the sale of any kit for any reason at any time (even though we may lose sales).
  • Post the project on other electronics sites to maximize sales (unless you ask us not to)

As sales are made, payments will be made to all inventors at least quarterly.

Payments will be made on completed sales.  All decisions made by Tayda on payments will be considered final.  It is in our best interest to pay out as many commissions as possible.  We hope that successful inventors will submit newer and cooler projects as they realize earnings from their existing Kits.

Click to Add Your Project Instructions

Thanks to everyone who has made Tayda a big success.  We hope that your project kits will spark a whole new level of enthusiasm and sharing in our customer community.



Customer project kits are user-created projects, and Tayda Electronics is not responsible for any damages, injury, expenses or copyright infringement caused by the construction or use of those kits.  The customer is responsible for abiding by any applicable laws (including copyright and privacy laws) while constructing and/or using any customer project kits.   

Tayda Electronics has tested each project kit with intermediate hobbyists before making those kits available for purchase.  We cannot promise the final results or suitability to task of completed kits.  Individual components included in the customer project kits are covered by a money-back guarantee. However, Tayda Electronics does not guarantee the finished product of the kit.  The customer is responsible for any fire hazards caused by the construction or operation of kits and should consult local and national resources on fire prevention including the following:Home Fire Prevention and Safety Tips.  Have fun, be safe, and use at your own risk.