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4mm Stackable Type Banana Plug Red

4mm Stackable Type Banana Plug Red

Product Review (submitted on October 19, 2013):
I like these plugs. They stack, the plugs fit well and the quality is good. Att 0.16 a pop in they beat any other price that I could find.

They are a little longer than I expected. They stack end to end rather than 90deg ladder style like many other banana plugs.
The tip came off of one of them while I was unplugging it, but I jammed it back on and it has not been a problem since.

To hook them up, open the end and push out the metal plug. There is a hole at the base where you can solder the wire.

I've been lazy and have used friction to attach 18awg stranded wire rather than solder. I thread the end of the wire through the hole, bend the stripped part up the other side parallel to the plug, and re-insert the plug into the plastic casing. It seems to be making a good connection and holding well enough for my use.

I recommend them.