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  1. These devices are probably originals
    I bought a few pairs of these transistors (C5200/A1943) from Tayda. They come with very original looking packages, the marking looks genuine. Both types came in the version "-O" which have more gain. I have run them through some tests:
    Hfe (beta, dc current gain) of these devices is in the manufacturers (Toshiba's) tolerances. Most of the devices had gain around 100 @Ic=5A, and the gain reduction with bigger collector current corresponds to the datasheet.
    Then I measured the Uceo voltage (base unconnected). The weakest from the batch had around 270V which is surprisingly good.
    The last test was the power current test. The transistor was connected to 5V supply, and loaded to 12 amps (60Watts) for one hour. It survived.
    I didn't measere ft or junction capacitances, nevertheless I can say, that 90%, these transistors are genuine.
    I wish Tayda retains their qualities. They've never sent me any broken or fake part.

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1 Item

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