Infrared Photo Transistor 900nm 3mm RADIAL TOPS-030

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This phototransistor is one of the neatest electronic products that Tayda offers. It uses infrared light to adjust voltage. The more powerful the infrared source is, the more voltage that flows. It maybe old technology, as all of your TV remotes are based on this same process, but it very cool to see it in action and to build it yourself. This phototransistor is shielded and when using the IR LED I was getting very little interference from surrounding lights.

This example shows the wiring for the phototransistor. You must use resistors. You will burn out the IR LED if you don't use a resistor. Also you won't read anything if you do not use a resistor to ground on the phototransistor. You can find a compatible IR LED here.

You can also see an example script to read the values from the Arduino here.

Manufacturer: TAIWAN OASIS
Manufacturer Part No: TOPS-030TB2
Product Category: Optical Sensor
Datasheet: Click Here

Wave Length/Frequency: 900nm
Product Type: Photo Transistor
Package: RADIAL

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Manufacturer TAIWAN OASIS
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