ADXL335 3-Axis Accelerometer

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ADXL335 3-Axis Breakout Board

Power Consumption: 320uA
Sensing Range: +/-3g

A simple to use and easy to wire powerful triple axis accelerometer board. Wire it up and get acceleration data in X, Y, and Z directions. Easily one of the best analog accelerometers. Inexpensive but powerful.

There is no onboard power regulation, but it should work well with any input voltage between 1.8V to 3.6V which means you can use it with an Arduino. Or use the ADXL335 with an external voltage regulator and use it with your favorite microcontroller or computer on a chip.

The ADXL335 easily integrates with robots, robotic arms, basic motion trackers or any other project where you want to sense movement. Due to its size and ease of use you can track movement of just about anything!

The ADXL335 is easily wired with only 5 wires. Each pin is labeled on the back of this board. A quick wiring example is shown below. The ADXL335 wires easily to an Arduino Nano which is available here.

A quick sketch to get this board running is available here.
Datasheet: Click Here
Size: 18 x 18mm

Package Includes Pin Connectors

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Manufacturer Analog Devices
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