74HC164 74164 8-bit Serial Shift Register IC

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This 74HC164 is an 8 bit shift register. It is non latching. Other logic devices on the same clock may be effected by the use of this chip. That said using a separate line to control this shift register still gives us the opportunity to use 2 inputs to control up to 8 outputs. Its also a very fast chip operating at up to 25 MHz (thats 25000000 Cycles Per Second!) accurately (some people say more depending on the chip!). Either way this chip is fast!

One of the easiest uses of this chip is to use it to expand the digital out pins from an Arduino. Utilizing the shiftOut Arduino Function one can control an entire 7 segment LED with two outputs from the Arduino.

Wiring it up is relatively simple. Just take your time. Pins A -> H from the 74HC164 go to LED segments A -> H respectively.

Once you get everything wired up you can use this quick Arduino Sketch to light up numbers 0 to 9!

Find a quick script to get the 74HC164 up and running here.

Manufacturer Part No: SN74HC164N
RoHS: Yes

Counting Sequence: Serial to Parallel
Number of Circuits: 1
Logic Family: 74HC
Logic Type: CMOS
Number of Input Lines: 2
Propagation Delay Time: 175 ns, 35 ns, 30 ns
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 85 C
Minimum Operating Temperature: - 40 C
Function: 8 Bit Parallel Load
Number of Output Lines: 8
Operating Supply Voltage: 2 V to 6 V
Supply Voltage - Max: 6 V

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