Signaling Module/Flasher - Alarms/Car/Boat/Home/Model Railroad (N/HO/O/etc.) K209


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Signaling Module/Flasher - Alarms/Car/Boat/Home/Model Railroad (N/HO/O/etc.) K209
All parts required to assemble this kit will be shipped to you.
No transformer is provided.
Preformatted board included. ( not an Etched printed circuit board)
Datasheet & Guide will be sent to you via email in PDF file format after your order confirmation.
This is a electronic oscillator that will flip LEDs about every 1/2 sec or so.. Included is enough LEDs to run 4 rail
crossing signals, (2 for each signal post) or your other projects. (there is 2 sizes of LEDs (8x of 3mm/5mm) included to fit
your scale model or project need sizes). All Model Railroad (N/HO/O/G/etc.) trains should be able to utilize this.
An in-expensive way to dress up your layout without those high priced Name-Brand Flashing circuits that you pay big for...
The circuit will handle a maximum of 200ma, can also support 6 volt incandescent lamps.
Or for R.R's., This circuit can easy run 8 LED rail crossing signals without tasking the circuit.
Supports a wide variety of AC or DC voltages from 8v to 30v or use your existing Train transformer/power supply.
A Reed Switch is included to use with your project or for you train engineers, to place under rail tracks near
crossing to trigger the signal module. Also a push button is included to manually activate the signal module too.
Adjustments of timing cycles can be done with the R8 pot. This will allow signaling time to flash from about 5 secs to 50 secs.
Learn the real assembly as it is up to you to layout your parts on the preformatted board.
Schematics and parts are included to complete this project, along with a quick reference guide for parts polarity and the likes. 
Experiment with layouts, try different ones that may be a better method. 
Keep parts lengths short, and watch for shorts.
Read the guide included for tips.
" Wholesale discount available for quantity orders. Please feel free to contact us for wholesale pricing."
"Special discount offer for educational institutions."

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