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3.5mm Stereo Enclosed Socket Chassis Jack

3.5mm Stereo Enclosed Socket Chassis Jack

Product Review (submitted on February 3, 2014):
No brand or part number is marked on the socket but it is a quality product.

The detent has just the right amount of resistance for easy tip insertion yet it holds the plug in place well.

The hole pattern and pin size are breadboard friendly. With a slim plug end it works perfectly. With a standard plug end it is pushed slightly upward but still makes reliable contact. The upward push can be avoided by removing the bus bar on the socket side or adding simple breakout board. Keep in mind not all breadboards are alike.

The socket soldered well but I had to let it cool down between the close contacts to avoid deforming the casing.

Contact resistance is less than half an OHM on all terminals.

I use the item for serial data transmission and works perfectly.

Overall I would buy it again and would recommend it to a friend.