• LCD Display 16 x 2 Blue Character with Backlight
  • LCD Display 16 x 2 Blue Character with Backlight

LCD Display 16 x 2 Blue Character with Backlight


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Product Category: LCD Displays
LCD Color: STN Blue Mode Yellow-Green
Display Format: 16 x 2
Charachter Format: 5 x 7
Character Size: 2.96 x 5.56mm
Viewing Area: 64.5 x 12.2mm
Datasheet: Click Here

This LCD screen has a standard 16 pins and includes a resistor between pins 15 and 16 for the backlight.
It is advisable to get a 10K Ohm Potentiometer which you can find here.
This will allow you to adjust the contrast of the characters so you can actually see them.

This LCD screen displays 2 rows of 16 columns and is intended as a character display. It is easily wired up and wiring examples for an Arduino Uno R3 and an Arduino Nano are shown below as well.

Hooked up to an Arduino Nano which can be found here.

Here you can see if hooked up to an Arduino Uno R3. The pins are all the same. The Arduino Uno R3 is available here.

There is a really easy to use example in the Arduino IDE available under Examples -> LiquidCrystal -> HelloWorld Which will simply display Hello World on the top row and count in seconds on the bottom row.

The final wiring should be for each of the boards. LCD Screen
Pin 1 -> Gnd
Pin 2 -> 5V
Pin 3 -> Output of 10K Ohm Linear Pot
Pin 4 -> Digital Pin 7
Pin 5 -> Gnd
Pin 6 -> Digital Pin 8
Pin 11 -> Digital Pin 9
Pin 12 -> Digital Pin 10
Pin 13 -> Digital Pin 11
Pin 14 -> Digital Pin 12
Pin 15 -> 5V
Pin 16 -> Gnd

We wired it up a little different so you must change this line from:
LiquidCrystal lcd(12, 11, 5, 4, 3, 2);
LiquidCrystal lcd(7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12);
This defines which pins the LiquidCrystal Library uses. Then select your board, verify your sketch and upload.

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