Ultra Quiet 2 channel Mic Pre Amp (Condenser or Dynamic) K303


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Ultra Quiet 2 channel Mic Pre Amp (Condenser or Dynamic) K303
All parts required to assemble this kit will be shipped to you.
No transformer is provided.
Preformatted board included. ( not an Etched printed circuit board)
Datasheet & Guide will be sent to you via email in PDF file format after your order confirmation.
Pre amplify those weak mic signals or drive microphones signals into line level equipment like PA systems, stereos, TV's, instrument amps and the likes..
Uses either a 9 volt battery or an external DC voltage from 7v to 30 volts. Ultra low current draw, battery will last for about 6-10 hours depending on battery quality. Supports standard mics (dynamic, crystal) and Electric condenser mics, with either low or high impedance. Uses state of the art NE5532 IC, the same used in Hi-end mixers. Comes with 4x 1/4" jacks, 2 volume controls, and all parts to get a 2 channel mic pre-amp (stereo) up and running.
(metal project box or a sheilded cabinet to house circuit suggested and not included)

Learn the real assembly as it is up to you to layout your parts on the preformatted board.
Schematics and parts are included to complete this project, along with a quick reference guide for parts polarity and the likes. 
Experiment with layouts, try different ones that may be a better method. 
Keep parts lengths short, and watch for shorts.
Read the guide included for tips.
" Wholesale discount available for quantity orders. Please feel free to contact us for to ask wholesale pricing."
"Special discount offer for educational institutions."

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