Race Track Power Circuit Kit, Variable Speed and Direction K202


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All parts required to assemble this kit will be shipped to you.
No transformer is provided.
Preformatted board included. ( not an Etched printed circuit board)
Datasheet & Guide will be sent to you via email in PDF file format after your order confirmation.
Take control of more than just a hand controller, this kit offers directional switch and a pro / amateur switch that allows you to vary a lane's maximum output voltage for the newbie (8~15v) or the full power of 15v for the best. Trimmer pots permit fine tuning of output to match/balance the lanes for even service. And surge/power capacitors keep the voltage stable for demands. This has been tested on numerous scales including, 1/24, 1/32, & 1/64 (HO) with excellent results.  Don't be fooled thinking you need 20v because the OEM transformer says 20v but when running 2 cars drops to 12!  No more power lost on your side when he  pours on his power. recommend DC supply of 18~35v @ 3a to provide stability.  
(TIP - get a Laptop power  supply that offers 18v at higher and 3 amps or more)
Learn the real assembly as it is up to you to layout your parts on the preformatted board.
Schematics and parts are included to complete this project, along with a quick reference guide for parts polarity and the likes. 
Experiment with layouts, try different ones that may be a better method. 
Keep parts lengths short, and watch for shorts.
Read the guide included for tips.

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