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  • 433 MHz TX/RX Modules
  • 433 MHz TX/RX Modules
  • 433 MHz TX/RX Modules
  • 433 MHz TX/RX Modules
  • 433 MHz TX/RX Modules

433MHz TX+RX Super-regenerative Wireless Transmitting Module FS1000A

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Manufacturer Part No: FS1000A/XY-MK-5V

This is transmitter/receiver pair and is a simple pass through controller. Its like using a serial port, except you don't need a wire. You hook one side up to transmit and one side to receive and you can transmit from one Arduino to another wirelessly. The signal is poor though and these are susceptible to interference. There is an Arduino library and example code available Click Here

Receiver (RX) Technical Data:
Model: XY-MK-5V
Working voltage: 5V
Quiescent Current: 4mA
Receiving frequency: 433.92MHZ
Receiver sensitivity:-105DB
External antenna: 32cm single wire

Trasmitter (TX) Technial Data:
transmission range:About 200m depending on voltage
Working voltage :3.5-12V
Transfer Rate: 4Kb/s
Transmit Power: 10mW
Transmitting frequency: 433M
External antenna: 25cm single-core wire
Pin left → right: (DATA; VCC; GND)


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Manufacturer FSI
SKU A-2861

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